Muscle Testing as a Diagnostic Tool for Proper Antibiotic Use

In a previous “Better Health Better Life” entry you learned how Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing can help your doctor better understand what is going on in your nervous system. See What is Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and How Does it Work? You can see the video here: What is Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing Video

I propose that Medical Doctors should start incorporating Muscle Testing into their diagnostic armamentarium as a safeguard against dispensing the wrong medication; or to put in more positively – as a confirmation that they are giving the best medication for you.

Recently, Neil Gaffin, MD and Brad Spellbergand, MD wrote a compelling article called, “Making the Correct Diagnosis: The Cornerstone of Antibiotic Stewardship.” Here are some highlights:

“As the crisis of antibiotic resistance continues to worsen across the globe, new emphasis is being placed on “antibiotic stewardship.” Antibiotic stewardship is the process of ensuring that antibiotics are used appropriately.

Physicians have a long history of overuse and misuse of antibiotics. More than 70 years ago, Alexander Fleming—the man who discovered penicillin—warned the public that penicillin was being misused.{1] He knew that overuse of penicillin would lead to penicillin-resistant bacteria and that patients would die because of it. Yet, his warning has gone unheeded by society. Seven decades later, up to 50% of antibiotic prescriptions in the United States continue to be unnecessary or inappropriate.”

Gaffin and Spellbergand also share these three pertinent quotes from the paper:

“Up to 50% of antibiotic prescriptions in the United States continue to be unnecessary or inappropriate.”

“None of these antibiotic stewardship principles (right drug, right dose, right duration) are relevant when the fundamental problem is a misdiagnosis.”

“The danger of misdiagnosis is overuse and misuse of antibiotics, as well as failure to treat the actual disease present.”
My proposal is that if Medical Doctors start adding Muscle Testing to neurologically challenge the patient and observe muscle response as an indicator of the proper therapy for each individual case then the chances of:
a) 50% of antibiotic prescription mistakes
b) Misdiagnosis
c) Failure to treat the actual disease…can all be significantly reduced.

You can read the excellent article in its entirety here: Making the Correct Diagnosis: The Cornerstone of Antibiotic Stewardship

Important caveat – any time you take an antibiotic you MUST also take a probiotic. The reason is that most antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in your large intestine that are essential to your health. In fact, research has discovered that you have MORE BACTERIA in your gut than you have CELLS in your body!

Therefore, it is critical that you populate your gut with beneficial bacteria from foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut and miso and take a high quality probiotic supplement. Actually, it is a better idea to do this on a regular basis and not just after you take an antibiotic. Since approximately 70% of your immune system is in your gut…if you proactively take the probiotics you just might not need the antibiotic in the first place!

Best wishes to your continued good health and success,

Dr. Eugene Charles

  1. Penicillin’s finder assays its future; Sir Alexander Fleming says improved dosage method is needed to extend use other scientists praised self-medication decried. New York Times. June 26, 1945:21.

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