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Thank you for visiting my blog! I hold a Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology and teach certification courses to doctors of various disciplines including doctors of chiropractic, medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy. My goal is to help patients reach a higher level of health and actualize their potential. I will use this blog to discuss nutrition, health facts/tips, health articles and to keep clients updated on my next seminars. Please visit my website for more information at http://www.charlesseminars.com.


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  1. Hello Dr. Charles,
    Thank you for sending the blog. I am a doctor of chiropractic in Athens, PA, residing in Ithaca, NY. I am considering the AK Certification course. I have been receiving care from a DC in Ithaca that uses a combination of AK and Activator. My health results have been very good and it makes me want to learn more.
    The information you have shared is most appreciated.

  2. Hi all,
    Ive been having pain for the past 6 years. It comes and goes. It feels like my right lower rib. It hurts to lean on my right lower side but it is inconsistant. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it doesn’t. I always say its my “floating rib”. Its sensitive. Leaning back while sitting sometimes i have to adjust so Im leaning more on my l left side. It has been so long but figured I should look into it. Sometimes it radiates to the front part of my right rib area. Im a healthy 29 year old. I work out 4xweek and eat pretty well. Im 5’8 and 135lbs. Is this normal? I assumed that i hurt my rib at some point and it did not heal/ is sensitive now. But the more time goes on, the more i wonder if this is normal or something i should be concerned with. Thanks!

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