Muscle Testing for Environmental Toxins including Furniture and Receipts

Detoxification is a common phrase in holistic medicine. Nearly everyone has a “Detox” program ranging from supplements to sweat lodges. However, you can get, “Toxed out” from outside factors also and you need to be aware of these serious health offenders.

A dramatic case recently occurred whereby a doctor who is a patient complained of severe fatigue of unknown origin. No cause could be found and examination revealed no credible reason for such an extreme case of lethargy. Frustration led to intense questioning about any new dietary changes, exercise habits, recent travels or sleep patterns. A negative answer to all led to the question, “Tell me… has anything different happened recently before you started feeling this fatigue”

The excited response was, “Yes, I finally got a reading chair that I have been wanting for years. WHY?” Well, if that is the only new change in your life preceding this health problem, logic dictates we must start there. We need to see if your new chair is affecting your health.

His wife, who is also a student of mine in Applied Kinesiology, muscle tested him when he was sitting comfortably in his chair and she discovered that within ten seconds of being in the chair every muscle in his body weakened. My suggestion to throw out the chair or keep it as an ornament was not well received. His wife had a third alternative suggestion, one that she learned from another Applied Kinesiologist, of spraying Scotchgard™ on the chair to seal in the toxic fumes from the fabric. (The ingredients in Scotchgard™ look somewhat toxic too but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire)

They did just that and afterwards, the doctor was able to sit in his new reading chair and has had no complaints of debilitating fatigue ever since. It seems they need to apply the sealant spray every two months. In addition to creating a barrier to the toxins, I recommended a high quality nutritional supplement to help his liver to detoxify his bloodstream. Power Lean Greens.

This case shows how your environment can affect you in a negative way. Likewise, if you are in a house with plenty of natural sunlight, plants, beautiful artwork and a sense of love and mutual respect among the inhabitants you will experience rejuvenation, a sense of peace and overall positive health promoting energy.

Another extremely common environmental toxin and “Endocrine Disruptor” are the paper receipts that you get from stores and credit card machines. If you hold a receipt in your hand and an Applied Kinesiologist muscle tests you there will be a measurable inhibition and weakening of any muscle in your body due to the toxicity of the endocrine disrupting factors in the paper. Nature: Toxicology-The Plastics Puzzle

Remember, your skin is the largest organ of your body and is responsible for protecting you as it helps you to interact with your environment. Medicine utilizes various skin patches to deliver drugs or hormones because doctors know that what is on your skin will be absorbed into your blood stream.  This is why a water purifier on your shower is imperative to good and lasting health.

The main points of today’s Better Health/Better Life information is for you to be aware of the various toxins in your environment:

  1. Wash your hands whenever you handle receipts
  2. Get a water purifier for your shower. Here are good ones: Water Filters
  3. Observe when and where you do not feel well
  4. Be aware of “Endocrine Disruptors”
  5. Have your Applied Kinesiologist muscle test you for suspected environmental toxins Find an AK Doctor in your Area

For more on this topic – Medscape: Endocrine Disruptors: Should We Be Afraid?

To your great health and success,

Dr. Eugene Charles

Applied Kinesiology Center of New York




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