When Should You Call 911?

A patient called my office asking for an appointment for sharp chest pain. He left a message saying that I helped a friend of his who had similar symptoms. I recalled that in the case of his friend I discovered upon examination that one of his ribs on the left side of his ribcage was subluxated (misaligned slightly – as opposed to a dislocated or broken rib). Through a precise chiropractic adjustment I was able to get the rib moving properly and the sharp pain was immediately relieved.

Unlike his friend, who is a long time patient of mine, I had no idea why this man was having sharp left sided chest pain and I recommended he immediately go to the Emergency Room to rule out a heart attack or other potentially serious condition. I related that if it is a rib not moving properly, like I diagnosed on his friend (my patient) then yes, he might have wasted his time going to the ER. However, if it was not a rib problem and something more serious…then NOT going to the ER could kill him!

He angrily hung up and we never heard from him again.

Unknown-1.jpegYou breathe about 20,000 times a day so a subluxated rib is incredibly painful and can mimic a heart attack; however, since DEATH is a lot harder to fix than a rib problem… common sense dictates that he should go to the ER and make sure he is not experiencing a more ominous condition – then we can move on to the more easily fixable rib problem.

Incidentally, the same rib deep breathing exercise that is so helpful for Hiatal Hernias (GERD, acid reflux) is also great for rib problems. Do 3 repetitions 3 times a day for excellent posture and rib health. Remember, your heart and lungs sit in the rib cage. See the exercise here:  https://charlesseminars.wordpress.com/2016/12/01/digestive-problems-hiatal-hernia/

Let me share with you a story that illustrates the urgency of this point. The father of one of my closest friends (a renown physicist) was lecturing in Europe. He complained about chest pain and his wife said,”Go to sleep and we will go the hospital in the morning.” There was no morning… he died in his sleep. I want you to have a morning and not a mourning. When in doubt… always error on the side of caution. Call 911 when you feel chest pain, shortness of breath, blurry vision or any symptoms that you have never had before.

For more information about when to call 911 – WebMD has a great slide show you can look at  – http://view.messages.webmd.com/?qs=d5d9d57f26f1f434c3d551ada9f8dfa6ce2b6585de68926ec0da315217120e73dc45dd34c5b063a1a09ed10362a80a663529a29e54b54d2e9b01c9d33324b7ad979a9a4259b3fe2e

To a healthy and long life,

Dr. Eugene Charles





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  1. Hello Dr. Charles,

    Thanks for your email. I clicked on the link to review the breathing exercise and either I couldn’t see it, or it was not there. Could you give me more info?


    Susan Grace, DC Grace Chiropractic, LLC Belfast, ME 04915

    On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 10:40 AM, Dr. Eugene Charles’ Blog: “Better Health, Better Life” wrote:

    > charlesseminars posted: “A patient called my office asking for an > appointment for sharp chest pain. He left a message saying that I helped a > friend of his who had similar symptoms. I recalled that in the case of his > friend I discovered upon examination that one of his ribs on the” >

    1. Dr. Grace, Here is the link. Wall-stretch In case the link is not working, here is the information: The Wall Stretch is a deep breathing exercise where you stand perfectly straight with your back (meaning your heels, hips, shoulders and head) up against the wall. As you take a very deep breath…you bring your arms straight up in front of you and attempt to bring your palms up over your head to touch the wall. It is amazing how many people cannot do this at first. However, after a month most people are able to and they feel so much more vitality from the extra oxygen that they are getting from their increased ribcage movement during each of their nearly 20,000 breaths daily. I appreciate you contacting me about the exercise and undoubtedly clarifying this for others. All the best, Dr. Charles

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