Introducing the Power Kinetics™ Exercise DVD from Dr. Eugene Charles

Dr. Eugene Charles has spent nearly 25 years putting
his weight training, martial arts, chiropractic and applied
kinesiology knowledge and experience in creating
Power Kinetics. It is possibly the most intelligent and
synergistic workout to develop EVERYDAY STRENGTH!

Here is the only exercise program to combine all 3
workouts – Isokinetics, Isotonics, and Isometrics to
prevent injuries and help rehabilitate injured joints
and develop a healthy, strong and well-balanced body.

PowerKinetics™ consists of exercises using your own body to improve
health, enhance performance and relieve joint pain –
The stronger you get the harder the exercises gets.

Your patients are getting older; your training
knowledge must get newer. Your patients can perform
these at home or in your office as part of your treatment.

INCLUDES the most scientific and effective
Muscle Building, Fat Metabolizing and Healthy Joint
Nutritional Supplements from Power Kinetics™.

The main purpose of exercise is to make you healthier and
PowerKinetics™ may be the healthiest way to work out.

Enhance your own health as well as the health of your patients with PowerKinetics™.

To order your Workout DVD and Fitness Building Vitamins go to

  “Maximize Your Performance” with PowerKinetics – Balanced Workouts for Everyday Strength

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